Nature of Altai

Altai is a unique place in its diversity. At the junction of natural zones, in the heart of the Eurasian continent, at an equal distance from the Indian, Pacific and Arctic oceans, nature has created an amazing edge of blue lakes, mountain cliffs, majestic taiga, dry steppes and vast meadows rich in flowers and grasses.

Altai is a mountainous country on the territory of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and China. These photos are the result of my travels in the Altai Territory and the Republic of Altai – the Russian part of this unique natural formation.

The territory of the Altai Territory occupies slightly more than 167 thousand square meters. km. And in such a relatively small space, six natural zones are immediately represented: tundra, forest, steppe, semi-desert, subalpine and alpine zones.

Mountain Altai is a country of mountains. This is the highest mountainous region of Siberia. Many mountain ranges rise to a height of more than 3000-4000 m above sea level, their peaks are covered with snow all year round, glaciers descend from the slopes.

A lot of natural sites in the Altai are included in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List.