The travelling starts with…



Any travel also starts with something. For me it always starts with my native village. Siberian nature has been fascinating me from my early childhood. I grow up in a wonderful place surrounded by river and pine forest, not Taiga, but it seemed to be unlimited in my childhood. There is pleasure in impassable forests, there is delight in solitaire bank.

The place by the river Tom’ is always beautiful. In any season you can find there not only interesting foreshortening landscapes, but also subjects for notes about fauna.

Technologies don’t stop developing. There is exciting thing called timelapse, that means not static picture, but living photograph. Appearing of different copters let us see the nature from the bird’s-eye view. This is old human dream – to feel like creature with wings.


Unusual property of cyclorama lets us see the whole picture that surrounds photographer at the moment of taking picture, not only one part of it, chosen and cut for viewers. It opens the world in new colors for us. It can have many soulless machines without magical charm of good author’s photograph, when photographer makes composition and viewers can see the soul of author in it, but cyclorama lets viewers see the world with their own eyes and feel them like travelers.


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